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Oct 20, 2014

Worcestershire SFA

Teachers to play Villa Legends

A team of footballing greats are preparing to lace up their boots once again as they take to the field in Worcestershire on Sunday (26th Oct).


Former legends from Aston Villa Football Club are expected to appear against a team of teachers from the Worcestershire area at Littleton FC's Five Acres ground.

The aim of the game is to raise money for the Under 16’s Worcestershire School girl’s football team, who have have been invited to show off their skills to various football scouts across the pond, by taking part in the Disney Soccer Showcase in the USA.


The Disney Soccer Showcase is an event held to allow keen, young footballers from all over the world to showcase their talents in the aim of earning a scholarship with a college team.

The event will be taking place in Orlando, Florida, with the girl’s first game on December 31st.

Gary Barrell, PE teacher at Nunnery Wood High School and event organiser said: “We are delighted that Aston Villa have offered to help us raise money so that the girls can go to the US.”

“They are very excited about meeting the legends, as are the Worcestershire teachers, who are looking forward to playing against some of their heroes.”

“The girls got invited to go on the trip and the main aim of it is so that they can potentially be scouted for scholarships from colleges in America, so it is a great platform for them to perform on.”

The game's kick-off time is scheduled for 3pm with tickets costing £5.


The teachers will also be playing in a warm up match on Tuesday night at Littleton FC, in preparation for Sunday’s big match.

For more information regarding the games, please contact Gary Barrell