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Competition Rules


1) THE TROPHY – All trophies are the property of the Worcestershire Schools FA and shall be competed for annually.  The trophies are ‘Challenge’ trophies and shall never be won outright.  The holders of the trophies shall be responsible for their safe custody and shall deliver them, engraved for the previous season and cleaned, to the Competitions Secretary by 1 February.


2) MOMENTOES – Sixteen mementoes (thirteen in all 9-a-side competitions) shall be awarded to each school side taking part in the Final Tie.  Additional identical mementoes  may be purchased by the finalists subject to the approval of the Worcestershire Schools FA.



a)      The entire control of the Competitions shall be vested in the Council or such committee as may be appointed by the Council.

b)      The Rules of the Game shall be those of the Football Association Limited, except as otherwise stated.

c)      All teams must be under the sole control of teachers.  Failure to apply this rule shall lead to automatic disqualification.


4) ENTRIES – The trophies shall be offered for annual competition amongst schools affiliated to local associations in full membership* with Worcestershire Schools FA on payment of the said entry fees. *Schools situated within the former boundaries of Worcestershire may enter the Duncan Edwards Trophy (U13) on payment of the said entry fee.


5) ELIGIBLE PLAYERS – Players shall be of the specified age at midnight on the 31 August / 1 September at the start of the season, ie a two year age band. In all competitions,  teams can be of mixed sex. In the Girls competitions it is the intention to promote the development of Girls football





a)      All entries must be received before the closing date accompanied by the appropriate entry fees.

b)      The full draws for the competitions shall be made by the Competitions Secretary in the week immediately following this closing date.

c)      All matches shall be played on the Cup-Tie principle and shall take precedence over all other school/college matches.

d)      The Competitions Secretary shall fix the dates within which all matches shall be played.

e)      The winning team from each tie must be determined on or before the limit date.

f)       The Final ties shall be played on neutral grounds and it is the responsibility of both finalists in consultation with the WSFA to arrange the venue.

g)      The Competitions Secretary shall appoint a neutral and qualified referee for the Final tie.

h)      Players' shirts shall be numbered.


7) The HOME school/college shall be responsible for:


a)      Offering the away school/college three possible dates for the fixture, of which one must be accepted by the away school/college.  Should no date be acceptable the date shall be fixed by the Competitions Secretary.

b)      Informing opponents of venue, kick-off time, colours, travelling directions etc. at least 48 hours prior to the match.  Where colours are similar, the home team shall retain its colours and the away team shall change to suitable contrasting colour.

c)      Providing a referee, both neutral and qualified.


8) The winning school/college shall be responsible for informing the Competition Co-ordinator of the result by telephone, fax or e-mail.  The result must arrive no later than midday on the Monday immediately following the limit date for each round.


9)  DURATION OF MATCHES – All matches within the competitions shall be of the following duration:

a)  Under 18               - 45 minutes each way

b)  Under 16                - 40 minutes each way

c)  Under 15                - 40 minutes each way

d)  Under 14                - 35 minutes each way

e)   Under 13                - 35 minutes each way

f)   Under 12                - 30 minutes each way

g))  Under 11                - 25 minutes each way

h)   Should any match result in a draw, extra-time must be played.  Extra-time shall be 10 minutes each way in competitions except Under 11, where 5 minutes each way shall be played.  If no goal is scored in extra-time then the result shall be decided by the taking of penalty kicks taken in accordance with the recommendations of FIFA as published in the Laws of the Game.

i)       Matches postponed or abandoned, due to bad weather, shall be played or replayed within seven days, but where schools/colleges are not mutually agreed, the date shall be fixed by the Competitions Secretary.

j)      Where a Final tie results in a draw, extra-time shall be played and if, at the end of extra-time, the scores are still equal  the result shall be decided by the taking of penalty kicks taken in accordance with the recommendations of FIFA as published in the Laws of the Game

10.  THE BALL – The following size of ball shall be used:

a)         Under 18, Under 16, Under 15               -size 5

b)         Under 14                                             -size 4 or 5

c)         Under 13, Under 12                             - size 4

d)         Under 11                                            - size 3 or 4


11.  SUBSTITUTES – In all competitions, teams are permitted to use five substitutes from five named players (four substitutes in all 9-a-side competitions)  Repeated substitutions are allowed in all competitions up to and including the Under 18 age-group.


12.  Any matters not covered by the Rules of the Competition (e.g. Discipline) or any dispute shall be dealt with by the Council.  Any dispute shall be put in writing and must reach the County Secretary or the Competitions Secretary within seven days of the dispute.


13.  ALTERATION TO RULES – The Rules of the Competition may only be altered at a forthcoming General Meeting of the Association.


14.  GENERAL – The winning school/college in all competitions may be nominated to represent the County in any Competition organised by the ESFA.


15.  OTHER MATCH REGULATIONS – In all 9-a-side competitions it is recommended that goalposts should be 6.5m wide and 2m high.


16.  ARTIFICIAL PITCHES – Matches may be played on artificial pitches, subject to the agreement of both schools/colleges.